Getting Started with LearnDash LMS: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide (2022)

Body: Are you eager to dive into the world of online education using WordPress? Welcome to this comprehensive guide, where we’ll unravel the intricacies of LearnDash LMS (Learning Management System). I’m Danica, a seasoned WordPress membership site designer, and I’m here to walk you through the essentials. Before we begin, feel free to watch the original video above to get a visual introduction.

Understanding the Basics

As someone deeply involved in WordPress membership site design, I’ve crafted a series of videos to demystify LearnDash LMS. My aim is to provide you with a clear understanding of its functionality and to guide you through its various features.

Setting the Stage

Imagine a cozy WordPress environment where we’re about to embark on our LearnDash journey. Let’s start by exploring the active plugins that play a significant role: LearnDash Hub, LearnDash LMS, and LearnDash LMS Pro Panel. To simplify matters, I’ll temporarily deactivate the Pro Panel to focus on each segment step by step.

Embarking on Your LearnDash Journey

This video series is tailor-made for beginners. Whether you’re new to LearnDash or seeking to uncover its hidden gems, we’ll navigate through its features together. I’ll also sprinkle in some invaluable tips and tricks garnered from my hands-on experience with LearnDash.

Crafting the Foundation

Our sandbox is the local WordPress environment, no additional page buildersā€”just the trusty Gutenberg by WordPress. And for aesthetics, we’re sticking to the default 2022 theme. This means your investment is minimalā€”hosting, domain, and the LearnDash LMS pluginā€”perfect for building your website.

Unveiling LearnDash Hub and LMS

Let’s shine a light on LearnDash Hub and LearnDash LMS. The LearnDash Hub is your ally in managing add-ons provided by LearnDash and third-party software. While not part of the original package, this addition streamlines the process of handling extra add-ons. With tabs for LearnDash and Third Party, you can access a list of LearnDash plugins and explore third-party offerings. License your plugin through the hub to receive LearnDash’s latest updates. I recommend giving updates a week’s grace to ensure bug fixes post-launch.

Navigating LearnDash Hub Settings

Within LearnDash Hub settings, the tabs for Visibility and License beckon. Visibility allows team member inclusion, extending access beyond the admin. By default, only the authenticated admin can access the LearnDash Hub, but you can broaden the circle by adding more admins. As for LearnDash LMS, an introductory video and resources await. Be mindful that some resources might be dated, so check their channel for up-to-date tutorials.

Demystifying LearnDash LMS

LearnDash LMS is structured around courses, lessons, and topics, forming the core of your e-learning setup. Courses are the highest level, followed by lessons and topics. Quizzes, questions, certificates, and groups enhance the experience. Quizzes demand question setup, certificates enhance courses, and groups define membership tiers. Paid groups offer exclusive access, while free groups provide a more limited experience.

Exploring Beyond

Unlocking the potential of LearnDash LMS reveals sections for challenge exams, assignments, reports, and settings. Challenge exams offer members the ability to bypass certain requirements upon completion. Assignments often involve essays, while reports provide insights into users and transactions. Settings encompass various categories, from general to advanced, granting you control over your LearnDash environment.

Unveiling Advanced Options

Venturing into advanced settings reveals the power of bulk editing, importing, exporting, and custom labels. Throughout this series, we’ll dive into each element, unpacking their significance and potential. Thank you for joining me on this educational journey. In the next video, we’ll dive deep into the world of courses. See you there!

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