Creating a membership site for habit tracking or commitment management can be a rewarding endeavor, especially when utilizing powerful tools like JetEngine. In this blog post, we’ll explore how JetEngine, combined with Elementor, can be harnessed to develop a feature-rich membership site with habit tracking functionalities.


Today, I’m excited to share some insights into an ongoing project that involves the use of JetEngine for building a habit tracking and commitment website.

Setting the Foundation

The core functionality revolves around tracking habits and commitments with automated start and end dates. The start date is manually input by the user, and the end date is dynamically calculated as the start date plus 42 days, achieved through a custom WordPress function. Despite this, the entire form and field creation process is handled seamlessly by JetEngine.

Section Highlights

While the project is still in progress, I’d like to showcase the sections already built using JetEngine. Admin-exclusive sections for sleep goals, meditation goals, and exercise goals are included. These sections are designed to inspire members and will be hidden from view once the development phase is complete.

Daily Check-In Process

Members are encouraged to perform a daily check-in, providing details like sleep duration, exercise notes, and more. Leveraging Elementor and JetEngine forms, this process is intuitive and user-friendly.

Visualizing Commitments

A color-coded system is implemented to visually represent commitment status. Unfulfilled commitments are bordered in red, blank fields are highlighted in yellow, and successfully met commitments are shown in green.

Interactive Calendar Feature

The calendar feature is an advanced element of the setup, requiring intricate queries. Three queries are implemented to list dates based on the user’s start date, and the calendar is configured to highlight only relevant dates within a specified range. The color-coded system in the calendar further enhances the user experience.

Behind the Scenes

The setup involves utilizing JetEngine’s query and listing functionalities. Three listings and three queries are employed to ensure a seamless integration of the calendar feature. The queries check for specific fields in submitted posts, allowing for dynamic and personalized displays.

Project Collaboration and Future Enhancements

This project is a collaboration with a client who provided the initial framework. Our role is to enhance existing functionalities, add new features, and refine the overall design of the pages. The goal is to create a robust habit tracking and commitment management platform that maximizes JetEngine’s capabilities.


In conclusion, this blog post has provided a glimpse into the ongoing development of a habit tracking membership site using JetEngine. We hope this detailed walkthrough inspires and guides you in utilizing JetEngine for your projects, especially those involving complex functionalities like habit tracking and dynamic calendars.

Feel free to share your thoughts, and stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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