Solving Issues with Shared Course Steps in LearnDash with Memberium

We encountered an intriguing challenge while working with shared course steps in LearnDash, particularly in conjunction with Memberium and its associated groups. In this blog post, I’ll take you through the issue we faced and the ingenious solution we discovered. If you’re involved in WordPress membership sites and have encountered similar complications, you’re in for a treat.

Identifying the Dilemma:

As we aim to enhance the learning experience on WordPress membership platforms, we found ourselves looking into the intricacies of sharing individual lessons across different courses. To achieve this, enabling a specific option was the initial requirement. Additionally, we had established groups to streamline course access. Our initial tests were promising – users were being enrolled accurately and gaining proper access. However, a more meticulous evaluation uncovered an unexpected stumbling block: certain lessons, integral to shared courses, appeared inaccessible to users who should rightfully have access.

Unraveling the Mystery:

Curiosity drove us to uncover the root cause of this disparity in lesson accessibility. The key insight emerged when we compared LearnDash as a standalone entity versus LearnDash paired with Memberium. A unique concept named “Force LearnDash Security Inheritance” played a pivotal role. This feature operates based on the course a lesson belongs to, sidelining the notion of shared course steps. As a result, users were locked out of lessons they should have had access to, all due to this intricate interplay between LearnDash and Memberium.

The Solution Unveiled:

Our journey led us to a straightforward yet impactful solution – deactivating the “Force LearnDash Security Inheritance” feature. By taking this crucial step, we successfully restored the intended functionality of shared course steps. Disabling this feature allowed learners to seamlessly access shared lessons that were previously a source of confusion and frustration.

Key Takeaways:

For those navigating the dynamic landscape of WordPress membership sites, particularly when combining Memberium with LearnDash, the lesson we learned is invaluable. Understanding this potential challenge and knowing how to address it can significantly streamline the learning experience. It’s noteworthy that if you’re not utilizing Memberium, you’re less likely to encounter this issue.

Seeking Further Guidance:

If you’re enthusiastic about refining your WordPress membership site or mastering the art of course management using LearnDash and Memberium, I invite you to explore our expertise at Our platform offers comprehensive resources tailored to elevate your projects, and you’re welcome to schedule a consultation to explore how we align with your specific needs.


Thank you for joining me on this exploration of shared course steps, LearnDash, and Memberium. If you have questions or seek clarity, please don’t hesitate to share your inquiries in the comments below. I’m here to provide prompt responses and support. If a topic requires a more detailed explanation, I’m open to creating dedicated video tutorials for a comprehensive understanding. With that, I conclude this blog post, eagerly anticipating our continued connection in upcoming content. Until next time, take care!

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