Enhancing Your WordPress Membership Site: Setting Up a Points System with Crocoblock JetEngine (2023)

I’ll take you through the process of setting up a dynamic points system using Crocoblock JetEngine. If you’ve been looking to boost user engagement and provide a rewarding experience on your membership site, you’re in for a treat. Just like in my recent video, I’ll walk you through the steps in detail, so you can easily replicate this feature on your own website.

Empowering Your Membership Site with Points and Achievements

Imagine the thrill of having a membership site where your users can earn points and unlock exclusive benefits as they progress. This isn’t just about gamification; it’s about creating a sense of achievement and community participation. Our points system is built around a central total points counter, coupled with multiple achievement levels. Picture this: users reach a milestone of 50 points, and they unlock special perks. As they accumulate more points, they unlock even more valuable rewards. Let’s dive into the nuts and bolts of how to set this up using the powerful tools at our disposal.

Getting Started with JetEngine and Elementor

As an advocate for maximizing the potential of WordPress, I’m using Crocoblock JetEngine and Elementor for this endeavor. These tools provide the flexibility and functionality needed to create a seamless points-based achievement system. While a straightforward text display could work, I believe in precision and accuracy, which is why I’ve opted for JetEngine’s user fields. These fields ensure that each user’s point count is up-to-date and accurate, providing a personalized touch.

A Closer Look at the Technical Aspects

Within JetEngine, I’ve taken advantage of a metabox labeled “Achievement Meta Box for User.” This metabox becomes visible to users when they’re editing their profiles. At the heart of this system lies the meta field named “Points.” This field is categorized as an object field with a number data type, forming the backbone of our points system.

Bringing Points and Achievements to Life

By exploring my own profile, you’ll see that I’ve accrued a current total of 250 points. This real-time information is drawn directly from the user field we’ve set up earlier. Additionally, I’ve crafted an “Achievement List” section to showcase various levels of achievement. This list serves as a roadmap, offering insights into the accomplishments users can strive for and the points needed to unlock them.

Creating Visual Impact and Interaction

Design plays an essential role in communicating achievement statuses effectively. With colored and grayscale icons representing different achievement levels, users can quickly gauge their progress. Thanks to the Navigator tool, toggling visibility and tweaking styles has never been easier.

The Art of Crafting Achievements

Each achievement level comes with its own unique prerequisites. Using JetEngine’s settings, I’ve configured a “Post Type Achievement” structure. This involves creating a post type named “Achievement” to neatly organize our system. Within this structure, specific achievementsā€”such as “Wildfire,” “Sage,” and “Color”ā€”are assigned individual point requirements. For instance, claiming the “Wildfire” achievement demands an accumulation of 50 points.

Unveiling the Essence of Achievements

Taking a closer look at the “Wildfire” achievement, you’ll find its title, earned points, and the threshold required for claiming it. These details dynamically populate within the achievement listing, providing users with clear objectives to work toward.

Visualizing Progress in a Glance

Dynamic visibility settings are instrumental in determining when to display colored or gray icons. If a user’s points match or exceed the required points for an achievement, a vibrant icon lights up. Conversely, a gray icon signals that the user’s points are below the necessary threshold.

In Conclusion

Harnessing the power of user fields, metaboxes, and dynamic visibility rules, we’ve created an engaging and motivating points-based achievement system. I’ve covered the entire setup process in this blog post. And guess what? In my upcoming video, I’ll be diving even deeper, explaining how users can claim their hard-earned points by completing specific actions. Whether you’re an experienced JetEngine user or just starting out, this feature can elevate your WordPress membership site to new heights. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and let’s continue making our membership sites truly exceptional!

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