Maximizing LearnDash in 2022: A Comprehensive Guide to Customizing Your Course Pages

Greetings! I’m Danica, your guide in navigating the world of WordPress and LearnDash. In previous videos, we explored the basics of creating a course using the video playlist feature. In case you missed it, a quick link in the description awaits. Now, let’s dive into a detailed guide on crafting custom courses within LearnDash, utilizing the “Add New” button nestled on the upper right side. Although my instinct leads me to buttons on the left, LearnDash has us covered on the right. Clicking “Add New” ushers us into the realm of the Gutenberg page builder.

Understanding the Landscape: Navigating the Sections

Before we embark on content creation, let’s acquaint ourselves with the terrain. Our journey unfolds through tabs housing builder settings, groups, and the potent Gutenberg editor. The focus of our expedition revolves around the course and block sections. Blocks, versatile content enhancers, add depth to your materials, from stylized paragraphs to engaging components. Our primary focus, however, remains the course section.

Customizing Your View: A Palette of Choices

On the periphery, an array of toggles promises versatility. Toggle between top toolbar, spotlight mode, and full mode, with full mode reigning by default. Two editors, visual and code, cater to varied content creation preferences, seamlessly adaptable with your needs.

Empowering Tools: Navigating Your Options

The right panel unveils a treasure trove of tools. Here, you orchestrate drafts, previews, and publication, even opting for a brief hiatus with site deactivation. On the left, navigation embraces a “View Courses” button, accompanied by a “+” icon, a gateway to further Gutenberg elements.

Visibility and Beyond: Tailoring Your Course

Venturing to the right, visibility settings unveil avenues. Courses can embrace the spotlight, bide their time for scheduled release, or anticipate a future unveiling. Review readiness, authorship attribution, and even the recourse to discard are at your fingertips.

Unveiling Perfection: Crafting Custom Templates

A milestone beckons—2022’s Gutenberg update allows tailored templates for courses. Intertwining style and structure, reimagine permalinks, set categories, designate tags, grace courses with featured images, and define the sequence of appearance.

Building Blocks: Crafting the Course

Within the builder tab, the course builder section unveils its intricacies. Access modes—open, free, recurring, or closed—define entry pathways. Prerequisites, course points, access expiration, materials, and certificates sculpt your course’s journey, bearing clarity as content and lessons weave together.

Fostering Communities: The Power of Groups

LearnDash’s innovation, group functionality, opens avenues akin to membership. Imagine courses as cohorts, aligning content and experiences. Our exploration into this paradigm deepens in subsequent chapters.

Pioneering Forward: Crafting Your Course

With the panorama explored, the canvas beckons. We embark on the voyage of manually crafting our course content in the forthcoming video. Stay tuned for deeper insights into unlocking LearnDash’s potential, enriching your online courses.

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