Enhancing WordPress Membership Sites with GamiPress: A Deep Dive into Progress and Points

Hey there, it’s Danica, and today I want to share an exciting topic that’s been gaining traction in the WordPress community—GamiPress. As someone who teaches others about WordPress membership designs, I came across an insightful video where I dive into the world of GamiPress, a plugin that adds a layer of gamification to membership sites. I’m thrilled to break down the key takeaways from my video and provide you with a detailed overview of how GamiPress can truly transform the member experience on your WordPress site.

GamiPress: Elevating Membership Sites

In the world of membership sites, engagement and exclusivity are key factors. GamiPress steps in as a versatile plugin that empowers website owners to create dynamic elements such as progress bars, radial formats, achievements, points, and badges. These gamification elements not only keep members engaged but also motivate them to actively participate in your community and unlock rewards. And with my wealth of experience in WordPress membership site development, my insights truly hold weight.

Unveiling a Challenge: The Progress Bar Conundrum

One of the issues that I address in my video is a challenge that many membership site owners can relate to—the malfunctioning of progress bars and related features. This challenge prompted me to take a closer look at the GamiPress shortcodes being used by the client. Determined to find a solution, I embarked on a journey of troubleshooting and experimentation.

Decoding GamiPress Shortcodes: The Missing Puzzle Pieces

I highlight a critical aspect—GamiPress offers an exhaustive list of shortcodes and explanations on their official website. I emphasize the importance of diving into these shortcodes to gain a deep understanding of their attributes. To illustrate my approach, I take you through a step-by-step comparison between the original shortcode and my revised version. I point out the significance of the ‘from’ value, a parameter that defines the type of points or achievements referred to in the shortcode. Equally important is the ‘points type’ parameter, which allows users to specify the exact type of points, such as content, connection, or alignment.

Crafting Customization: Mastering Shortcodes

The beauty of GamiPress lies in its customization capabilities, and I help you unravel this complexity. I break down the process of shortcode customization by shedding light on the importance of grasping the ‘from’ value and ‘points type’. I explain how each type corresponds to various styling options. For instance, ‘bar’ type offers styling parameters for progress bars, while ‘radial’ type unlocks options for radial or circular formats. Armed with this knowledge, you can seamlessly configure shortcodes to suit your unique design preferences.

Achieving Seamless Cumulative Earnings Display

I further delve into a practical example—the display of cumulative earnings. By skillfully modifying a shortcode, I demonstrate how to showcase only point-related data, eliminating the clutter of extensive earnings listings. Through tweaking the ‘type’ attribute and incorporating ‘current user’, I achieve a polished and desired output. My approach underscores the power of experimenting with various attributes to achieve tailored shortcode outcomes.

Embracing GamiPress: Navigating Documentation and Innovation

As my video draws to a close, I offer a valuable piece of advice—while GamiPress documentation is comprehensive, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Based on my own experience, I encourage viewers to dive into the world of shortcode attributes, experimenting to customize progress bars, points, and achievements effectively. My video serves as a guiding light for those facing similar challenges, providing a profound understanding of GamiPress’ capabilities.


In this insightful video, I not only walk you through the mechanics of GamiPress but also empower you to harness its potential to the fullest. As we reflect on the evolving landscape of membership sites, GamiPress emerges as a powerful tool for creating captivating and rewarding online communities. So, if you’re looking to breathe new life into your WordPress membership site and engage your members like never before, GamiPress might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your site into a dynamic hub of interaction and achievement!

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