Designing Impressive WordPress Membership Sites: A MemberPress Demo

As a WordPress enthusiast and educator, I’m thrilled to share insights into creating captivating membership sites using the powerful tools of MemberPress, Elementor Pro, and other essential plugins. In this blog post, I’ll delve into the process I discussed in a recent video, where we transformed a client’s vision into reality.

Unveiling the Video

In the accompanying video, I guide you through the steps of building a WordPress membership site that seamlessly integrates MemberPress and Elementor Pro. The client’s unique design requirements served as the foundation for this exciting project.

The Foundation: Introduction and Login Page

The membership site’s design is the embodiment of the client’s vision. To access the wealth of features, users are directed to the MemberPress login page. In the video, I step into the role of an admin to provide an overview of the site’s capabilities.

Structuring Content: Custom Post Types and Crocoblocks Plugin

One of the key elements of this membership site is its effective content organization. Custom post types were our go-to solution, ensuring structured data presentation. The Jet Engine and Crocoblocks plugins proved invaluable, enhancing both the front-end experience and form functionalities.

Crafting Design Brilliance with Elementor Pro

To breathe life into the client’s design, we harnessed the creative power of Elementor Pro. This versatile page builder facilitated the seamless realization of the envisioned design. From dynamic elements to visually captivating layouts, Elementor Pro played a pivotal role in shaping the site’s aesthetics.

Engagement through Gamification: Interactive Tracker and Gaming Press Integration

Adding a gamified layer to the membership site is an effective way to boost user engagement. The integration of the Gaming Press plugin allowed us to introduce an interactive tracker, enabling users to mark sections as complete and earn points along their journey.

Personalization and Elegance: Custom CSS and Styling

Refining the design elements required meticulous attention to detail. Custom CSS was employed to elevate the user experience. The progress tracker’s dynamic color shift upon completion is an example of how thoughtful styling enhances the visual appeal of the site.

Showcasing Diverse Content: Content Showcase with Custom Post Types

The membership site boasts a rich array of content offerings, each tailored to specific audiences. Through the strategic use of custom post types, we ensured that strategy guides, video tutorials hosted on Vimeo, and creator profiles were showcased seamlessly. The layout and presentation are meticulously optimized to ensure an intuitive user experience.

User-Centric Personalization: User Profiles and Jet Form Builder

Member profiles, managed through MemberPress, allow individuals to personalize their engagement. Our video introduces the Jet Form Builder, which streamlines the onboarding process. New members can answer questions, upload files, and configure their preferences.

Seamless Across Devices: Optimized for Mobile

Given the ubiquity of mobile devices, ensuring a responsive design was paramount. The site’s layout, sizing, and styling were carefully adjusted to deliver a consistent and delightful user experience, regardless of the screen size.

Elementor vs. Divi: A Design Comparison

The decision between Elementor and Divi is a pertinent one for website designers. In the project showcased, Elementor emerged as the clear winner due to its flexibility in realizing intricate design requirements. The transition from the original Divi version to Elementor showcases the immense creative potential unlocked by the latter.

A Powerful Culmination: Conclusion

The membership site exemplifies the immense potential of combining MemberPress, Elementor Pro, Gaming Press, and Jet Engine. By skillfully merging these tools, we’ve crafted a visually captivating, interactive, and engaging platform. The site’s design, enriched by gamification elements, stands as a testament to the possibilities within the realm of membership sites.

As demonstrated in the video, the synergy between plugin functionalities and design expertise yields a membership site that elevates user engagement and content delivery. Feel free to watch the original video above for a comprehensive walkthrough of this exciting journey in WordPress membership site design.

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