Creating Dynamic WordPress Membership Sites with Crocoblock JetEngine: Template Demo 1

Welcome to my blog post where I’m thrilled to share insights into the exciting world of WordPress membership site design. As an educator and practitioner in this field, I’m passionate about harnessing the capabilities of cutting-edge tools to build engaging and functional websites. In this post, we’ll delve into a specific project: the utilization of Crocoblock JetEngine to create a captivating membership site template.

Inspired by Duolingo

Our journey begins with inspiration drawn from Duolingo, a renowned language-learning platform. Much like Duolingo’s innovative learning path, we’ve endeavored to weave some of its unique features into our template. While this project remains a work in progress, our goal is to craft a user-centric experience that mirrors Duolingo’s seamless navigation and engaging learning path structure.

Your Ideas, Our Vision

Your ideas matter to us! We invite you to contribute to the evolution of this template. If you have concepts or functionalities that you believe would enhance the template’s effectiveness, please share them through our idea form, accessible on our website, Your input has the potential to shape the direction of our templates. At WordPress Membership Designs, our mission is to tailor designs specifically for WordPress membership sites, catering to platforms like Memberium, MemberPress, LearnDash, GamiPress, and BuddyBoss, among others.

Empowering with Crocoblock JetEngine

A tool that I wholeheartedly endorse is the Crocoblock JetEngine plugin. With this plugin, the possibilities are limitless. Custom listings and templates can be effortlessly created, transforming the user experience. One of JetEngine’s standout features is its dynamic visibility function, a game-changer that I’ll be exploring further in upcoming videos. To discover the templates we’ve curated, navigate to the dedicated section on our website. If a template aligns with your project’s vision, requesting and ordering it is just a click away.

Design Collaboration

We value your design ideas. Through the provided link, you can access a form to propose specific design enhancements. Your suggestions matter, and we’re committed to reviewing them and potentially creating unique templates based on your insights. Your involvement and feedback drive us to create more effective and functional templates for your WordPress membership designs.

Creating an Engaging User Journey

On the website, our design philosophy is evident in the signup process. Emulating Duolingo, we’ve implemented seamless login and signup flows. Users can switch between pages and even access a dedicated password recovery page. Upon login, registered users are greeted with a clean and engaging interface. While we could add welcoming messages or celebratory animations, our focus remains on simplicity and engagement, mirroring Duolingo’s ethos.

Navigating the Path to Progress

Our website encapsulates the user’s journey—progress, profile, and earned points—reminiscent of Duolingo’s approach. The pathway is clear, with certain sections locked for demonstration purposes. Currently, we’ve introduced the introductory phase, with plans to expand to multiple levels and enriched content in forthcoming updates.

Recognizing Achievements and Progress

An integral component of the experience is our achievements section, rewarding users with points for their accomplishments. This gamified approach promotes engagement. Circular progress bars and visual indicators for completed lessons further elevate user interaction. Administratively, JetEngine assists in tracking completed lessons and organizing them within modules or courses.

Seamless Functionality with JetEngine

It’s remarkable to note that the entire website is built using JetEngine, without relying on additional plugins. Combining JetEngine with Elementor Pro, our design prowess shines through. The Jet Form Builder enhances interactivity by enabling actions like marking lessons as complete. User feedback is facilitated through a report form.

Experiencing the User Journey

To illustrate the user journey, let’s embark on a brief test. By accessing a lesson and marking it complete, users receive a success message akin to Duolingo’s style. Progress updates are immediate, reflecting earned points and module completions. For administrators, the ability to manually adjust progress and points ensures seamless synchronization between the front and back ends.

Unleashing Creativity

In conclusion, the template we’ve presented showcases the potential of Crocoblock JetEngine combined with Elementor. This dynamic duo empowers the creation of compelling WordPress membership site designs. Our template relies on JetEngine’s dynamic visibility feature to cultivate a user-centric experience. Should you have inquiries about this template or wish to share your insights, please visit our website at Your feedback propels us forward, and we’re dedicated to aiding you in crafting remarkable WordPress membership designs. Thank you for joining me, and I eagerly anticipate our continued connection in future endeavors. Until next time!

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