What kind of tasks and projects can I request?

We distinguish requests between tasks and projects.

You can request tasks or projects, depending on the complexity and time required to complete them.

A task can be done within one session or a few days, such as setting up a theme or fixing a website issue.

A project requires planning and multiple steps and cannot be completed in a few days, such as redesigning a membership website with multiple pages or setting up an app.

Our service provides full support for WordPress Membership Sites and CRM. Here is a list of tasks and projects you can request:

[1-2 Days] Site Review & Documentation: We review and document how your WordPress membership site is set up.

[1-2 Days] Troubleshooting & Issue Resolution: We troubleshoot and resolve any issues that you or your members may encounter with accessing or using your website. We also address any concerns or issues raised by your members, such as problems with course access, points, or billing.

[1-2 Days] Solution Documentation: We document the solutions used to resolve any issues that you or your members experienced.

[1-2 Days] Consultation: We discuss how to proceed and recommend the best way forward for your setup.

[2-7 Days] Gamification Planning: We work with you to create a plan for gamifying your members’ experience.

[2-7 Days] Gamification Integration: We integrate gamification features into your WordPress members site.

[2-7 Days] Product Improvement Planning: We work with you to develop a plan for improving your products and offers to your members.

[2-7 Days] Product Improvement Execution: We execute the improvements and changes that you and your team have agreed upon for your products and offers.

[1-2 Days] Course Content Update: We update or set up your course content within your WordPress members site.

[4-10 Days] Custom Post & Archive Page Design: We design and develop a custom post and archive page for your website.

[4-10 Days] Custom Grid or Design for LMS: We create a custom grid or design for Learndash, TutorLMS, and custom post types on your website.

Please keep in mind that these are estimates and actual turnaround times may vary depending on the complexity of the task or project. We provide daily updates on completed tasks or project progress.