How does your pricing work?

Let’s describe it this way: Imagine you hire a full-time WordPress assistant for your WordPress membership site on a monthly salary. As long as the person works for you, you can request all your tasks and projects, and they will work on all your requests one at a time (because multitasking is a myth ????).

You basically decide what tasks you delegate to this person. Some tasks will be done in 15 mins, and some projects might take multiple months.  

The problem is that this one hire has a limited experience in creating and managing WordPress membership sites because nobody is great at everything. For example, great WordPress Assistant are hardly ever amazing designers for WordPress membership sites.  

With us, you have access to a team of designers & developers that specialties WordPress membership sites, Infusionsoft KEAP, and ActiveCampaign . We take over all your requests and work on them one after the other.

You can upgrade your account if you need to work on multiple requests or projects simultaneously. This allows you to scale your design & dev operations up and down every month based on your current workload.  

You pay us monthly flat rates with no hidden fees and long-term contracts.

Note: We don’t offer project or per-task pricing